Current State of Education

On the topic of education here is a link to a great article that clearly states the issue that many public schools are running into at this very moment:

Here is yet another example of how far we have fallen as a society and our education system, take a listen to this podcast about debate.  You will no longer be rewarded for making reasoned and logical arguments, instead you can complain about how unfair the format is and how racist it is and that might just win you a debate competition:


Solutions In Education

In higher education what we really need is a revolution.  Currently (in 2016) the college/university/technical school systems are simply too expensive, too slow and take too long for today’s job market.  There are many jobs that are going unfilled due to the skills gap which means that employers are asking for a set of skills they cannot find in the labor force.  On the other hand we have many people who have lost their jobs due to outsourcing and automation.

What we need is a new, different type of education system that can offer students the in demand skills that can put them into a middle class income job making $40,000+/year.  This new education system would be in direct contact with employers that have open positions and would be educating students based on the specific skills that are needed for those specific job openings, basically every student will have actual job openings when they are done with their program.  This new education system would also be efficient and get their students from start to finish (employment) within 6 months to a year and cost less than $5,000 for the entire program.

This would revolutionize our economy and allow for potential employees to be nimble with their skills and seamlessly transition from one field to another.  I’m not knocking the traditional education system, it can still be there for certain fields that require the full 4 years and for people who want to pay for the “well rounded” liberal education but a little competition makes everyone more effective and efficient.  For most people they simply want a decent paying job, some might already have degrees but can’t find employment, while others find themselves later in life without much of an option to transition careers while still raising a family and this sort of program would work well for them.  Let’s work to make this new education system a reality and offer a real alternative to our current education system.



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